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Chad Kerksick

(636) 627-4629

Chad Kerksick is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science and serves as the Director of the Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory. Dr. Kerksick’s research interests continue to explore the impact of exercise and nutritional interventions on health, performance and recovery in athletic, youth and clinical populations.

Research Associates

Petey MumfordPetey Mumford, PhD

Petey Mumford, PhD. Dr. Mumford is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Lindenwood University. Dr. Mumford’s expertise centers upon examining the acute impact of exercise, dietary, and nutritional supplementation strategies on the physiological, biochemical, molecular, and genetic outcomes as they relate to health and performance.

Scott RichmondScott Richmond, PhD

Scott Richmond, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Exercise Science Department. Dr. Richmond's graduate and post-doctoral work included projects exploring the role of skeletal muscle in cardiovascular and metabolic health issues. Dr. Richmond has also supervised numerous student research projects ranging from ergogenic aids to sports performance to exercise training.

Kyle Sunderland, PhD Kyle Sunderland, PhD

Kyle Sunderland is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Lindenwood University. Dr. Sunderland’s experience and research agenda is focused on the influence of exercise and nutritional interventions on metabolic adaptations in performance, health, and disease.

Medical Supervisor

Dr. Nicholas Greiner, DO

Research Assistants

  • Connor Gaige
  • Anthony Haegele
    Anthony Haegele
  • Logan Orr
  • Kylie Walden

Undergraduate Interns

Current Intern(s):

  • Leah Allen
  • Logan Kulinski
  • Athena Viers,
  • Maycee White

Previous Interns:

  • Evan Blankenship
  • Juila Blumkaitis
  • Andrey Diaz-Garcia
  • Bradley Gieske
  • Patrick Harty
  • Ann Puschkasch
  • Lori O'Reilly
  • Travis Russo
  • Stephanie Sands
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