Reimagine Resources

Reimagine Resources


Reimagine Resources, a pioneer in B2B fitness services, engaged EIR Pravina Pindoria to fuel their success!



Amidst pandemic gym closures, Juliana Scheidhauer became a founder and displayed resourcefulness by transforming her parents' garage into a thriving gym equipment marketplace. Juliana, now CEO of Reimagine Resources, is reshaping the fitness industry, offering cutting-edge solutions to commercial gyms while also contributing to the community. Reimagine Resources addresses the commercial gym owner's challenge, where demand for servicing exceeds supply by 172%. With commercial gyms investing an average of $35k annually, Reimagine Resources excels with its digital innovation.

Mentor Impact

Overcoming scaling and funding obstacles, Juliana sought support through the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship, where she connected with Pravina Pindoria. Pravina's guidance propelled Reimagine Resources towards success, showcasing the transformative impact of mentorship in entrepreneurship:

  • Successfully pivoted from B2C to B2B, transforming from reselling used home gym equipment locally to offering a comprehensive Fitness Solution Platform for commercial gyms.
  • Implemented a recurring revenue model through annual preventative maintenance services.
  • Established a scalable model for equipment maintenance, setting her apart from direct competitors.
  • Expanded into nine new niche markets, including Corporate Fitness Centers, Colleges & Universities, and Medical & Wellness Facilities.
  • Conducted 27,985 site sessions and received 70, 5-star customer Google reviews.
  • Rescued and recycled over 2.75 tons of equipment, contributing to social and environmental efforts.
  • Achieved $300k in revenue to date.
  • Secured twenty dealer and service partnerships, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.
  • Trained and upskilled seven technicians, facilitating business expansion.
  • Sold and shipped to 30 states in the US with service expansion in MO and IL.
  • Reached the finals of prestigious competitions like Arch Grants ($75k) and UMSL ($50k) in 2023, outperforming numerous competing companies.
  • Recognized with the Rising Star Award by the Asian American Chamber of Commerce in 2023 for outstanding achievements and contributions.


"Pravina has a great wealth of knowledge and experience and I am grateful to have her as a business mentor. Unlike many mentors out there she doesn't just sit back, she is engaged, bringing the right amount of support and challenge. She is gifted at pitching and has helped us to effectively communicate our story and mission, leading me to better understand and refine my business model, communicate it to others, and reach the final rounds of several major pitch competitions."

Juliana Schiedhauer


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