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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a copy of my official transcript?

  • Order an official transcript.
  • Select current transcript, after degree is awarded, or after grades are posted.
  • Current students can view their unofficial transcript on the student portal under My Transcript.

How do I receive an enrollment verification letter?

If it is in the middle of the term please obtain it from the National Student Clearinghouse. Enrollment verification letters are on the student portal as well under Print Enrollment Certificate. If it is before the term or during the first few weeks, submit a request to from your Lindenwood University email address with your student ID including the term in which the verification is required.

I am graduating, what do I need to do?

  • Complete the Application for Degree form electronically on the student portal under My Forms. It will be sent to your academic advisor then to Academic Services to review. Or you can access a PDF version under Forms and Handbooks then Academic Services and submit to your academic advisor.
  • This will start the process to be invited to a commencement ceremony. Academic Services will work with your advisor(s) to receive confirmation you have completed your degree requirements.

How do I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed 5-8 weeks after the conferral of your degree. Conferral dates are March 30, May 30, August 15, October 30, and December 30. You can update you mailing address for the diploma by completing the Change of Address form on the student portal under Forms and Handbooks then Academic Services.

My transfer credits are not posted, what do I need to do?

  • Make sure that an updated official transcript from the original institution was sent to University Admissions. Once received, eligible credits will be posted and reviewed to set equivalencies.
  • View Transfer Guides.

How do I see my transfer equivalencies?

  • On the student portal, under My Transcript will show your Lindenwood University coursework as well as your transfer credit and the equivalencies set per course. If they have not been assigned, please email
  • Occasionally, course descriptions or syllabuses will need to be provided to help set an equivalency.
  • View Transfer Guides.

I am taking a summer course that I am transferring to Lindenwood University, what do I need to do?

  • Complete a Prior Approval form for which degree requirement will be satisfied once completed and transferred. The form is available on the student portal under Forms and Handbooks then Academic Services You must complete the last 24 credit hours of your degree at Lindenwood University.
  • View Transfer Guides.

I have AP credits that have not been posted to my record. How do I get them added?

I have CLEP credits that have not been posted to my record. How do I get them added?

  • Request with College Board to have your official results sent to Lindenwood University.
  • Students who pass a CLEP proficiency examination have two options when applying for credit. The student may request that the test score be used to waive an equivalent course at the University. In this case, no credit is awarded to the student, and no credit is posted on the student’s transcript. A waived course applies no credit toward graduation. For advising purposes, a note will appear on the student’s advising transcript indicating that a course has been waived. There is no additional cost for a course to be waived.
  • Alternatively, the student may request that the exam score be transcribed to the transcript as University credit for a fee of $90 per credit hour. In this case, the credit applies toward the total number of credit hours required for graduation and becomes equivalent to a course taken at Lindenwood.
  • View CLEP transfer information.

I completed an associate’s degree; how does that affect my degree requirements?

  • If you have earned an associate’s degree from an institution in the State of Missouri and your institution has verified that you have fulfilled the Missouri CBHE 42-hour block, you will only need to complete the 6 credit hours of Humanity Diversity within the GE program. However, any additional GE requirements for your major may be required as well.
  • If you have earned an associate’s degree and have not completed the Missouri CBHE 42-hour block, your transfer credit will be evaluated and applied to your program plan on a course-by-course basis. You may be required to complete additional GE coursework that is required at Lindenwood University that has not been satisfied.

What do I receive if I am on the Dean’s List?

  • The Dean’s List is determined based on your term GPA and will be provided at the beginning of the subsequent term. You will receive an email confirming you made the Dean’s List and the process to receive your certificate.
  • View current Dean’s List.

How do I join Lindenwood University’s Honors Academy?

  • To graduate with University Honors, you must complete at least eight courses for honors credit. No more than two 100-level courses can be taken for honors credit
  • More about the Honors Academy.
  • Any questions can be directed to Dr. Justine Pas at

I want to register for more than 18 undergraduate credit hours in a term and I am a traditional undergraduate student, is there anything I need to do?

  • If you cumulative GPA is a 3.5 or above, then you are automatically eligible to take up to 24 credits. If your cumulative GPA is below a 3.5, then you will need to complete the Petition for Academic Course Overload form available on the student portal under Forms and Handbooks then Academic Services.
  • There is an additional charge per credit hour taken over 18 undergraduate credit hours in a term.

The class I want to register for is full and/or I am missing the prerequisite. What options do I have?

The dean of the college that offers the course will need to provide approval stating if they are overriding a closed course and/or overriding a missing prerequisite for the course. The approval will need to be in writing on the form.

I am on academic suspension. How do I return to Lindenwood University?

  • Students on academic suspension must receive approval from the University’s academic suspension appeals committee before they can resume their studies at Lindenwood.
  • File an appeal.
  • If you have been away from the University for more than 1 academic year, you may need to be readmitted to the University. In addition to filing a suspension appeal, you should contact University Admissions to inquire about readmission to the University.
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