Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services


Lindenwood University Reentry Protocol for Accommodations

  • Unable to wear a mask (PPE) due to medical reasons - Students unable to wear a mask (PPE) for medical reasons must notify the Accessibility Program Manager prior to or during the first week of the semester. Students requesting accommodations to waive the PPE requirement must submit medical documentation from a licensed professional that details the student’s diagnosis and specify the need for the PPE waiver.  
  • Students required to quarantine due to exposure or testing positive for Covid-19 but do not have the proper technology needed to fulfill classroom obligations should contact the Accessibility Program Manager. To explore technology solutions, the student will need to complete the accommodations process.
  • Students at higher risk of severe illness due to Covid-19 (underlying medical conditions, immunocompromised, etc.) and believe accommodations are needed, should contact the Accessibility Program Manager to complete the accommodation process and submit supporting medical documentation.
  • Students with existing accommodations on file but are in need of modifications due to Covid-19 should work with the Accessibility Program Manager and Faculty to make the appropriate and reasonable adjustments.
  • Students with a documentable learning or medical disability that would require either an all in-class environment or an all-online class environment, within a hybrid course format, must complete the accommodations process with the Accessibility Program manager for the appropriate and reasonable arrangements.
  • Students with general concerns about labs, physical distancing, and other classroom functions, but do not require accommodations, should discuss those concerns with their faculty.
  • Students requiring accommodations for religious reasons should contact the University Chaplain, Dr. Nichole Torbitzky to discuss needs based on faith and traditions.

Accessibility and Support Policy

It is the guiding philosophy of Lindenwood University to make our facilities, programs, and classes as accessible to individuals with disabilities as practical. In instances where a room or building is not easily accessible, it may be necessary to bring the service or class to the student. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Student Support and Accessibility Manager when special arrangements are needed. If personnel are unable to accommodate a request for special arrangements, the request will be forwarded to the Associate Vice President for Student Advising and Support Services for further measures.

Lindenwood University provides accommodations under ADA laws to students with, but not limited to, visual, auditory, conceptual, physical disabilities that may hinder the student reaching his or her potential achievement level.

Medical Marijuana / Cannabis on Campus Prohibited

Lindenwood University stays current with federal, state and local laws pertaining to marijuana/cannabis use and possession. Although some states have passed legislation that may allow for marijuana, cannabis and/or derivatives thereof for medical and/or recreational purposes, these are generally still illegal under federal law. Because institutions of higher education receive federal funding that includes student financial aid, and marijuana/cannabis is still considered an illegal drug under federal law, Lindenwood University prohibits the same on campus. For more information related to prohibited substances on campus, please refer to the Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy.

Accessibility Support Information

Lindenwood University complies with the American Disabilities Act by making our programs and services accessible to students with disabilities.  SASS ensures that these students receive assistance by providing auxiliary aids and accommodations.  We strive to give students an equal opportunity to succeed in earning their degree. 

Accessibility Application Form

Please click on the application link below to submit an application for accommodations.

Any questions can be directed to the Student Support and Accessibility Program at

Accessibility Application

Students who need assistance or accommodations regarding certified disabilities should contact the Lindenwood University’s Student Support and Accessibility Office at

Classroom Building Accessibility

Lindenwood has an itemized list of accessible buildings

Testing Services

Testing Services are provided on the Lindenwood campus through the Office of Student Advising and Support Services (SASS). These services assist both students and faculty by providing a proctored testing environment. Exams are administered in the Library and Academic Resources Center (LARC).

For more information or to schedule an exam appointment, visit out Testing Services page.