Driving Growth and Revenue: Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) Pravina Pindoria's impact on JAKAPA, an Edtech Startup revolutionizing soft skill development.




Gavin Pringle started JAKAPA as an edtech startup that provides a gamified, scientifically-proven methodology to measure, train, and track soft skills. JAKAPA offers real-time feedback, real-world learning, and actionable insights, allowing individuals and groups in schools and workplaces to build the skills they need to succeed. 

Like many startups, however, JAKAPA faced challenges validating its customer focus and fundraising strategy. As a first-time founder, Gavin relocated from Cape Girardeau to St. Louis in July 2022 after he learned of the area's rich and growing startup ecosystem. Gavin approached the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship (DCE) for support while applying for the Arch Grants program.  Arch Grants is a prestigious program offering funding and support to early-stage startups desiring to establish businesses in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Mentor Impact

DCE introduced Gavin to Pravina Pindoria, Woman with straight dark hair smiling wearing a red topan experienced entrepreneur (founder of workflow automation SAAS, Tallyfy) with a pulse on industry trends and a passion for supporting startups.

EIR Pravina Pindoria's successful impacts on JAKAPA:

  • Secured grants: Secured grants, including the prestigious Arch grants ($75K) and UMSL Accelerate competition ($50K).
  • Raised angel pre-seed funding: Over $250K in an angel pre-seed round.
  • Increased revenue: A remarkable 230% increase in year-on-year revenue.
  • Growth in paying users: A 45% increase in paying users within ten months.
  • Customer acquisition: Jimmy Johns, Ike's Love and Sandwiches, SLU, Queens College Panama, STL CAPS, Kairos Academy, McKendree University, and Dublin School District.
  • Validation of customer focus: Pravina helped validate customer focus, ensuring alignment with market demand and revenue potential, honing in on schools as an initial target market.
  • Implementation of automation: Pravina's expertise in startup automation resulted in increased operational efficiency and streamlined processes.
  • Revenue diversification: Pravina's guidance enabled exploration of adjacent revenue-generating ideas such as educator administration and parent support.
  • Mentoring and insights from other programs: Through DCE's MentorUP and ITEN's Velocity pre-accelerator programs, Gavin gained valuable product development, user-centric design, B2B sales, and customer discovery insights from mentors Alejandro Ramirez, Jason Ashton, Emily Hemmingway and GV Freeman.

These outcomes demonstrate the tangible impact of the EIR program and Pravina's mentorship on JAKAPA's growth, revenue, customer acquisition, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making.


"Joining DCE, a game-changing entrepreneurship community, has been instrumental for JAKAPA, as the support, guidance, and invaluable network provided by the EIR program, especially through mentors like Pravina, have enabled our success. I encourage startups to join DCE to thrive in a vibrant ecosystem, while urging professionals and former founders to consider mentoring to pay it forward and support the next generation of entrepreneurs."

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Gavin Pringle


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