Honors Academy

Honors Academy



The Honors Academy provides enriched experiences to an engaged community of outstanding undergraduate scholars who want to succeed by going above and beyond university requirements.


The Honors Academy is Lindenwood University’s signature co-curricular program for gifted undergraduate students that prepares them for excellence and success with its enriched academic and leadership experiences.


Honors Academy was one of the deciding factors in my choice of Lindenwood. Other universities have honors programs, too, but Lindenwood’s Honors Academy allows us to personalize our Honors experience. I customized my Honors journey according to my interests, which made it uniquely my own.

Anna Ostmann, Class of 2022


The Honors Academy provides talented and motivated undergraduate students across all disciplines with enhanced classroom experiences that help develop their leadership and academic skills. It offers exceptional students the opportunity to be recognized for their academic achievements. Undergraduate students who complete the required 24 Honors credit hours graduate with University Honors, which is the highest recognition Lindenwood bestows.  

University Honors is announced at graduation and recipients wear Honors cords at the commencement ceremony. University Honors also appears on diplomas and transcripts. Students are encouraged to list University Honors on resumes, as well as highlight it on job or graduate school applications and letters.

Honors Academy Membership Benefits

  • Priority course registration
  • Honors courses
  • Honors Learning Communities
  • Access to the LARC Honors Lounge
  • Recognition at Honors Cord Ceremony
  • University Honors at graduation
  • University Honors on transcripts and diplomas

Honors Academy supports Lindenwood University’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). In addition to completing courses that focus on the world’s human diversity, Academy members can pursue study or service learning abroad. They can also intern abroad or participate in one of the diverse student organizations on campus. Through their participation in the DEI Taskforce or completion of SafeZone Trainings and Implicit Bias Trainings, Honors Academy members have access to organizations and events that support a variety of activities designed to engage them in building a strong sense of community that fosters cultural sensitivity and prepares them to engage in today’s globalized world. 

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