First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminars


UNIV 10100 – First-Year Seminar

Our First-Year Seminars allow for a student to find a topic and a professor that can help make their freshman experience a real success. There are 30+ different options for students to select from. This course is a one-hour subject-area seminar and orientation course required of all first-time freshmen. Students will be introduced to special topics of their choice based on personal interest, declared major or academic interest while also orientating to the university environment. This special topics seminar course will provoke critical thinking, problem solving, and interaction. Course is required of all first-time freshmen or transfer students without an equivalent course previously completed from another college or university. May not be retaken for a higher grade. Lab fee required.

The Office of First-Year Programs offers two types of transitional courses for new students – First-Year Seminars for our on-ground students and an Academic Success Strategies for our on-line students. All first-year students must take either an UNIV 10100 or MGMT 16025 during their first semester. Transfer students who successfully completed a First-Year Seminar or College Transition course at another college are exempt.

Join a Learning Community

A learning community is a set of classes organized around a theme. It is a dynamic learning experience designed specifically for first-year students.

Lindenwood students have an exciting opportunity to participate in a specialized learning community created to make the most of their first-year experience. Learning communities are comprised of students with similar interests/majors. These students choose to learn, study, and explore their fields of interest together.

The Learning Community (LC) program consists of co-enrolling students in two to four courses in the fall. Each of these courses are selected around either a topic of interest or an academic degree program. You may participate as either a residential or commuter student.

Check out our Learning Community Page for more information!

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