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Reporting Crime / Incident

Reporting Crime / Incident


The University endorses a reporting policy that strongly encourages victims to report all crimes that occur within the jurisdiction of this community to the Public Safety and Security Office, regardless of their nature. If you are a victim of a crime off campus and are unsure of the proper police department to contact, call the Public Safety and Security Office for assistance in locating the proper authorities.

Members of the University are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Public Safety and Security Office immediately. The prompt reporting of suspicious activity or persons can prevent crimes. If someone's actions are out of character and you become suspicious, call Public Safety to respond and assess the situation.

Students and employees should report, on a timely basis, any criminal offense or suspicious activity described in this document to the Public Safety and/or Student Development. If you are the victim of a crime, observe criminal activity or observe suspicious activity, call the Public Safety and Security Office and give as much information as possible.

Confidential / Anonymous Reporting Form

In the form below, you can confidentially and anonymously report information to the Public Safety and Security Office. It will be reviewed by a representative and handled accordingly. If you would like to be contacted regarding this matter include your name, email address, and phone number. If you wish to remain anonymous, leave those fields blank.

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