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Student Religious Groups

Lindenwood University has a medley of different campus ministries well equipped to meet your unique needs as a student. Most of the groups listed below offer at least one or two weekly opportunities to meet together to study God’s Word and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Athletes in Action

Today, many college athletes are seeking ultimate satisfaction in life through grades, sports, relationships, and partying. Unfortunately, when the excitement wears off, many athletes are left disillusioned, empty, and feeling alone. Many have never heard or do not realize that true worth, real meaning, lasting peace, and ultimate satisfaction come only from a personal relationship with Jesus. Athletes in Action’s campus ministry exists to boldly proclaim the love and truth of Jesus Christ to every college athlete in the U.S. and the millions they influence. Athletes in Action at Lindenwood desires to bring the good news to every college athlete on campus and build a movement of spiritual multiplication.

Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach desires to help students find answers to their spiritual questions. If you have ever questioned whether the Bible was real, whether God is knowable, or how to have a relationship with him we would love to help you. We meet Wednesday nights from 9–10 p.m. in order to answer some of these questions and have fun together.

Catholic Student Union

CSU is a welcoming faith community and a place of Catholic formation and of hospitality to students of all faiths. We offer service and leadership experiences, spiritual guidance and faith development, as well as social and recreational opportunities. We strive - through education, service, and a worshipping community that seeks to know and become Christ - to form students intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually according to the wisdom of the Catholic Church, so that they become active participants in parish life and moral and spiritual leaders in the Church and society for the 21st century. We are a ministry that has formed a tradition of lovingly engaging the campus and community, and welcome all searching to know and experience Christ.


Cru is a campus ministry dedicated to connecting students with a community where they can discover and grow in their faith. Cru hosts Christ-centered meetings once a month and offers several Bible studies throughout the week. Cru also provides hundreds of mission opportunities, leadership development, and incredible experiences on a local and international level. Be sure to check out Involve U for any additional information and to view our video!

Guys’ Contact: Brandon Gallegos 636-744-4218

Ladies’ Contact: Caraline Brinkmann 573-694-7428

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is the largest International Sports Ministry to date. We are an inter-denominational, bible-based ministry. We desire to create a community and safe place for athletes to encourage and challenge one another in our relationships with Jesus Christ. All of our huddle meetings will have food, fun, and fellowship.

We are not exclusive to NCAA DII athletes; however, we do have very athletically minded discussions. We strongly encourage students attending to have some kind of athletic background or involvement.

International Student Fellowship (ISF/ISI)

International Student Fellowship is a place to make friends and be a friend. We want to make your stay in the USA fun, meaningful and connected. Learn about American culture beyond the college campus; participate in English conversation practice, stimulating discussions or Bible discovery; take a break from studying to relax and mingle with us. We host monthly dinners and a variety of off-campus events throughout the year. We’re concerned about your whole person and welcome students of every nation and faith to participate and grow with us. ISF is affiliated with International Students, Inc., an organization dedicated to sharing Christ’s love with international students around the globe.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a student-led organization of American and International students on the campus of Lindenwood University. Our community is centered around Jesus and exists to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. We host monthly gatherings to build community, weeklong events to raise awareness of social justice issues, and weekly small groups. Weekly small groups are starting up in the arts community, international student community, athletics community, and among freshman men and women. People of all faith and culture backgrounds are welcome to come and investigate the life of Jesus.


We are a group of students that are involved in a variety of social, religious, and recreational activities to help spread the Mormon faith.

Lutheran Student Union

Lutheran Student Union is a diverse group of Christian students, faculty, staff, and associate members who are committed to serving the Lindenwood University campus by sharing the love of Christ and the joyful message of His gospel, supporting students in their faith journey, helping members grow through bible study and involvement in Christian community, and making a positive impact in the world.

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