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Pfremmer Hall

Pfremmer Hall


Pfremmer Hall is named after renowned Missouri businessman Ralph Pfremmer who also has the Ralph Pfremmer Endowed Scholarship in Entrepreneurship named after him at Lindenwood University.

Located on the horizon side of campus, Pfremmer is home to 199 freshman students spread throughout the four floors with students from a variety of majors, sports, and cultural backgrounds. The first and third floors of Pfremmer house male students, and the second and fourth floors house female students. The rooms are a made-up of two-person bedrooms with a Jack-and-Jill bathroom in between two rooms, along with a handful of three-person rooms with a private bathroom. Pfremmer Hall has stairs and a fully-functional elevator to transport students to upper floors. Each resident of Lindenwood University in Pfremmer is provided with an extra-long twin bed frame, mattress, three-drawer dresser, desk, chair, closet or wardrobe.

On the main floor of Pfremmer, there is a comfortable lounge furnished with couches, tables, chairs, a microwave, pool table, and a big screen TV, perfect for dining, studying, or gaming tournaments. In addition to the lounge, there is also a laundry facility on the first floor. Students are allowed to have mini-fridges in their rooms, as well as one microwave per room (700 watts or less). Any additional furniture a resident wishes to bring into their room that compromises the shared space between roommates must be approved by the Residential Community Coordinator of Pfremmer Hall.

Pfremmer is complete with all the modern amenities such as air conditioning, new Wi-Fi, and has several handicap accessible certified rooms.

The residence hall is conveniently located near Spellmann Campus Center, the fitness center, the field house, Harlen C. Hunter Stadium, J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts, Robert F. Hyland Arena, Evans Commons, and Lindenwood Track. We hope this kind of environment sounds exciting to you and we look forward to having you as part of our community soon!

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