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Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide Prevention Training

The Lindenwood University Suicide Prevention Training Program was designed to help faculty, staff, and students prevent suicide by teaching you to: identify people at risk for suicide; recognize the risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs of suicide; and respond to and get help for people at risk.

Informational Links and Apps

Alcohol Addiction


Department of Social Services

Appointments with the Department of Social Services are now available! Please call the SCRC at 636-949-4541 to make an appointment. 

What services are offered?
- Health Care: help to pay for medical care
- Food Assistance: help with feeding your family
- Child Care: help to pay for your child
- Temporary Cash Assistance for Needy Families: provide cash assistance for basic family needs
- Nursing Home Care: help to pay cost for nursing home care
- Other Support: blind/visually impaired, child support, and home and community based programs 


Eating Disorders


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder



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