Student Life

Linden Terrace

Linden Terrace


Located on, and east of, Droste Road, Linden Terrace offers duplexes and houses for juniors (54+ credit hours), seniors, and graduate men and women with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Every house is equipped with a living room and kitchen area. The houses are a combination of single bedrooms with a single or shared bath. Wi-Fi is provided in our non-traditional housing options through the university, which means the individual house is not responsible for setting up internet. Each resident of Lindenwood University in the Linden Terrace area is provided with an extra-long twin bed frame, mattress, three-drawer dresser, desk, chair, closet or wardrobe. 

The Linden Terrace area is conveniently located close to the Lou Brock Sports Complex, Evans Commons, Robert F. Hyland Arena, tennis courts, and the Lindenwood Track. The Linden Terrace Residential Life Office is located at 2207 Charbo. 

Below are the designated houses and the descriptions of each house for male and female students.