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Dorm Security

Dorm Security


A high percentage of crimes on campus are crimes of opportunity. Often, members of the campus contribute to crimes of opportunity by needlessly placing themselves or their property at risk. Crime has no boundaries; crime will occur at all locations. However, prevention efforts can be effective in reducing opportunities for criminal activity. Everyone plays key role in crime prevention efforts at the University. Be aware of your surroundings and protective of your possessions and University property. Don’t give a criminal the opportunity to make you a victim.

  1. Always lock your dorm room, even when you are away for a few minutes.
  2. If you have valuables stored in your dorm, we have safes available for rent.
  3. Never leave purses, laptops or other valuable items unattended in the common area of the dorm.
  4. Change you electronic passwords regularly.
  5. Write down the serial number of all of your electronic items
    -- this will help recover items if stolen or lost.
  6. Keep valuable items off of the dorm floor.
  7. Never leave your money out in the open on a desk or file cabinet.
  8. Never prop open the doors to the dorm. This allows anyone to enter the building unsupervised.
  9. Always check in your guests.
  10. Follow the dorm rules and policies at all times.
  11. Report all losses to the Public Safety and Security Office immediately.
  12. Keep your room key with you at all times, and never loan it out to anyone.
  13. When leaving parking lots, be aware of your surroundings and walk in pairs when possible.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report