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Interfraternity Council

Interfraternity Council


The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) serves as the governing body for our three North-American Interfraternity Council (NIC) organizations, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta, and Phi Lambda Chi. IFC is comprised of a five-member executive board and delegates from each fraternity. The purpose is to uphold fraternity morals and standards while facilitating good relations between each organization and our campus community. IFC also works closely with Lindenwood's Panhellenic Association (PHA) to improve the Fraternity and Sorority Life community on campus. Further, IFC strives to foster purposeful relationships with the larger community by continuing a strong tradition of leadership, community service, and brotherhood. Through our affiliation with NIC, we are able to properly uphold the NIC's ideals to advocate, collaborate, and innovate.  For more information, please contact the Inter-Fraternity Council president or the Program Manager, Fraternity & Sorority Life.


Edward Hansford

Vice-President of Recruitment and Member Development
John Morse

Vice-President of Finance and Scholarship
Xavier Griffin

Vice-President of Judicial Affairs and Community Relations

Vice-President of Greek Relations and Operations
Liam Higgins