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Commuter Life

Commuter Life


Student Involvement is proud to facilitate opportunities to engage and support commuter students. Stay up to date with commuter programming on Involve U!


The Office of Student Involvement is committed to helping you have a positive experience at Lindenwood University. Commuter students bring a set of unique experiences to our campus but can sometimes face different challenges in regards to balancing home, social, work, and academic responsibilities. The main purpose for commuter programming is to ensure that your needs are met as a commuter student and that you feel part of the larger Lindenwood community.


The Office of Student Involvement works to serve commuter students at Lindenwood by striving to:

  • Inform you of campus events
  • Provide space for you to relax and study
  • Create an opportunity to learn more about the resources and departments on campus
  • Foster a sense of belonging on campus and introduce you to other students with similar interests
  • Provide accessible services in the Office of Student Involvement and serve as a liaison between commuters and administration

Learning Outcomes

Through their interactions with commuter programming, commuter students at Lindenwood University will:

  • Develop a sense of self-awareness and learn how to make informed decisions
  • Exhibit a range of leadership skills and appreciation of people from different backgrounds
  • Be able to navigate the Lindenwood community to properly identify resources and support services on campus