Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initiatives


First-Year Programs is pleased to host many programs, events, and initiatives dedicated to supporting first-year Lions! We hope you'll take advantage of:

First-Year Council 

  • The Lindenwood First-Year Council serves to provide first-year students a voice and part in planning and implementing first-year programming. First-Year Council will host and support impactful programs throughout the course of the academic year. 
  • Interested in joining First-Year Council? Email to learn more or visit Involve U to see their upcoming events.


First-Year Finale 

  • First-Year Finale is an annual event for First-Generation students.  This event is a celebration of completing the first year at the university and provides a networking opportunity with other faculty and staff that are first-generation as well. We are proud of the work you have put into your first year here at Lindenwood and we invite you to celebrate with us. 

Sophomore Council

  • Sophomore Council focused on enhancing the student experience for Sophomore students.  Sophomore Council is a student organization comprised of students that are interested in planning events for their fellow students and addressing relevant issues – such as the Sophomore Slump.
  • This council plans a crucial role in fostering community and organizing meaningful events for Sophomore students.  If you are interested in becoming a part of Sophomore Council, email or check out their upcoming events on Involve U.
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