Faculty Colloquium Speaker Series

Faculty Colloquium Speaker Series


The Faculty Colloquium Speaker Series is a forum for faculty members to display the results of their scholarly and creative projects to the Lindenwood University students and faculty and to members of the surrounding community. The Faculty Colloquium Sub-Committee for the Faculty and Student Scholarship Committee organizes two events per year, one in the Fall semester and another in the Spring semester.

For members of the Lindenwood community, these events will continue to foster the burgeoning culture of scholarship across Lindenwood’s campus. These talks will enable Lindenwood faculty to become aware of the excellent work being produced by their colleagues and will, ideally, help to promote interdisciplinary scholarly pursuits between departments and schools, as attendees at these talks might be encouraged to provide feedback or enter into future research projects with the speakers.

For Lindenwood students, these events will allow them the opportunity to explore areas of intellectual interest that they might not have been able to pursue in course work; it will also provide them with the benefit of learning about the faculty members’ research in an in-depth format that is rarely able to be enacted in a classroom setting.

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