Learning Communities

Learning Communities


A learning community is a set of classes organized around a theme. It is a dynamic learning experience designed specifically for first-year students.

Lindenwood students have an exciting opportunity to participate in a specialized learning community created to make the most of their first-year experience. Learning communities are comprised of students with similar interests/majors. These students choose to learn, study, and explore their fields of interest together.

The Learning Community (LC) program consists of co-enrolling students in two to four courses in the fall. Each of these courses are selected around either a topic of interest or an academic degree program. You may participate as either a residential or commuter student.

FACT:  Students that participate in a Learning Community are more likely to feel connected to the university.  These students are more likely to continue with their education from semester to semester.

Student Testimonials

"Learning Communities help you make friends with people you would not be able to meet otherwise. We all rely on each other and it brought it us so close. Also, it helps your grades a lot even in classes that aren't with the program! I was on Dean's List both semesters my freshmen year thanks to the close bond I had with the students and professors."- Christine Bryant, History and Religion with Comparison Emphasis double major

"I personally loved the undecided learning community. Being a freshman is exhilarating and intimidating at the same time, so being able to go to certain classes with the same group of people everyday made me feel comfortable and helped build amazing friendships. A lot of students feel lost coming into college, and the learning community provides an excellent pathway to get you going and on your feet." - Mackenzie Richmond

Faculty Testimonials

"You have so much more support, so much more community, and it won't feel like you against the world. I think that's a really good benefit for the students." -Melissa Qualls, Assistant Professor of English





Benefits of Learning Communities

Benefits of Learning Communities

Students enrolled in Learning Communities will receive many benefits and opportunities!

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Fall Learning Communities

Fall Learning Communities

Information regarding the Fall Learning Communities is available now!

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