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Literature or Creative Writing? Choosing an Emphasis

English Literature or Creative Writing? 

What is the focus of a Literature Degree?

Students pursuing an English Literature degree focus on developing critical reading, thinking, writing, and reasoning skills through careful attention to a variety of textual forms and genres from multiple eras and cultures. An English Literature degree offers great flexibility in terms of coursework, including introductory surveys of World, British, and American literature, topical courses that focus on a specific theme or genre, and upper-division seminars that allow students to train in the interpretive, analytical, comparative, and research skills that are the hallmark of an English major trained at a university. If you love reading, and thinking and talking about what you read, an English Literature degree may be for you.

What is the focus of Creative Writing?

Students pursuing a Creative Writing emphasis focus on developing fluency and mastery in a variety of forms of written expression through careful attention to the craft of writing and an understanding of form and genre. Creative Writing offers coursework in the writing of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and other literary forms, as well as electives in writing and literature in support of the mastery of understanding of literary forms and genres. It allows students to train in the written expression of thoughts and ideas that serves as the foundation for a strong liberal arts education. If you love writing, and developing stories and characters, a Creative Writing emphasis may be for you.


Suggested Degree Combinations with English

Want to major in English, but unsure of what your minor should be? Or, are you trying to find out if your major will work with an English minor? Read this document for more information about the programs across the University that can work well with an English major or minor.

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