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Fall Dance Concert

Fall Dance Concert

November 9-11, 2023 | 7:30 p.m.
The Lindenwood Theater

The Lindenwood University Dance Program presents The Fall Dance Concert

woman with long straight brown hair wearing a red skirt, shirt, and heels in a dance pose on stage

The 2023 Lindenwood University Fall Dance Concert, under the artistic direction of Tricia Zweier, showcases nine works by faculty, students, and guest artists in styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip Hop, which will bring more than 60 student performers to the stage. The Dance Concert runs from Thursday, November 9, through Saturday, November 11 at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $10 for the general public and free for students/faculty/staff with LU ID. Contact the Box Office at 636-949-4433 for tickets.

Two students were selected to present work in the concert this year. Each wrote compelling proposals for original pieces and dove deep into their individual motivations. "Feel The Fever" is a tap piece inspired by the 1970s Era. Alyssa Hakan’s choreography includes a variety of spunky and groovy dance moves that lend themselves well to interesting rhythmic patterns and movements. This piece reflects the idea of disco clubs bringing people together. Taylor Tricroce uses the contrast of close contact partnering and the far distance between dancers to show the uncertainty of relationships. We are never prepared for the friend who becomes an unfamiliar face that you run into years later, or the stranger that becomes the person that knows you better than you know yourself. The continual connection and disconnection portrayed in "until we meet again" symbolize the enduring and unforeseen shifts within personal relationships.

Associate Professor of Dance & Dance Program Coordinator, Tricia Zweier, leads the Lindenwood University Dance Ensemble this fall. Zweier will present two original works in The Fall Dance Concert. “È un'atmosfera.” is a new adaptation and expansion of a 2016 work that will now feature 23 chic jazz dancers that move with captivating intention. The work, motivated by the movie Nine, draws inspiration from three of the film’s most moving songs in representation of the strength and beauty of Italian culture. The Ensemble’s second work, “118 historical events, 76 battements” is a visually stunning kick line set to Billy Joel’s iconic “We didn’t start the fire.” The intricate hand/arm gestures are juxtaposed by the sharp precision and uniformity of a repeated series of eye high grande battements.

Professor of Dance, Janet Strzelec will bring one piece of repertoire and one original work to the stage. “Gira Con Me” tells the story of a young man who wants his beloved to "turn" with him--as the earth and moon turn--and allow him to see the side of her that she keeps hidden. The dance is a simply beautiful study of bodies revolving on their own and around each other. Strzelec’s second ballet builds a similarly elegant atmosphere but brings a new movement vocabulary and stage design to showcase the 12 ballet dancers.

Three more artists bring new work to the stage in genres that are energetic and expressive. Guest Artist, Samuel McReynolds, is a freelance choreographer and professional dancer who has performed works by Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow, Brian Friedman, Marguerite Derricks, Chris Emile / No)one. Art House, Ate9 Dance Company, LA Contemporary Dance Company, WHYTEBERG, Fabe Dance, The TL Collective, Sidra Bell, Owen/Cox Dance Group, and more. His new work, created on Lindenwood students, is not to miss. Tracy Dupre’s "Women, Life, Freedom" was created to support the Iranian women who were arrested and detained for creating a Tik Tok dance video in public. This piece highlights the events and emotions that transpired, as well as the supportive movement that emerged. Amy Gammon’s "What's Next?" incorporates the use of many different songs to create a dynamic and energetic hip hop piece. Just like the suspense of not knowing what comes next on the radio, the surprise of the upcoming song and its impact on the dancers' vibe is sure to entertain.

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our students and the innovative works by the talented artists of The Lindenwood University Dance Program through performance of the diverse genres in which our talented performers are training!