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The IRB process can be a bit confusing at first, but completing the following steps will help streamline the process and get your first application into IRBNet for review.

  1. Anyone submitting an IRB application must first complete NIH Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) training and upload a copy of their certificate to IRBNet.
    • Go to IRBNet
    • Create a login and complete the free, self-paced, online modules here.
    • Save your NIH PHRP certificate, so that you can upload it to your IRBNet User Profile.
  2. All IRB applications must be submitted via the online system at IRBNet.
    • Visit our IRBNet page to create your account and find guides for using IRBNet.
    • After you register for IRBNet, complete your User Profile and upload your NIH PRHP certificate.
  3. Select and complete IRB Application Form.
    • At this point, consider visiting the IRB Office Hours to talk about your proposed study and best practices for submission.
    • Be sure to create a Consent Form, if applicable, to be uploaded to IRBNet with your application.
  4. Create a New Package in IRBNet and upload your IRB Application Form and additional required documentation.
  5. You will receive a response from an designated IRB Reviewer or notification that your study has been scheduled for Full Board review.
    • The Lindenwood IRB will communicate with applicants at this point about any application through the IRBNet messaging system.
    • Refer to this guidance about responding to communication in IRBNet and revising submitting documents.
  6. At any time, please visit the IRB Office Hours with any questions or schedule a consultation at your convenience. The Lindenwood IRB offers consultation at all phases of research administration, from development, to application, to implementation.


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