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Grants and Sponsored Projects Review

What are Sponsored Projects?

A Sponsored Project is an externally-funded activity which requires a formal agreement between Lindenwood University and the sponsor or funding agency. This formal agreement could be a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract. Sponsored Projects commonly involve research activities, but could also include teaching, training, event management, or professional development activities.

The following elements are often present in Sponsored Projects:

  • The proposal is submitted in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Application (RFA).
  • The proposal requires use of university resources, facilities, equipment, or personnel.
  • The project requires a written agreement or contract between the sponsor and Lindenwood University.
  • The award includes conditions for fiscal reporting and invoicing.
  • The proposed project involves use of human or animal subjects, hazardous materials, or controlled substances.

What is the Pre-Award Proposal Review Form?

The Pre-Award Sponsored Project Review process is designed to assist faculty, staff, and students during the initial phase of the grant application process.

Prior to submitting an application for the external funding of research activities, applicants are required to complete the Pre-Award Proposal Review Form. This form will allow Lindenwood University to anticipate fiscal, contractual, and compliance needs related to proposed funding. There are many specific requirements and conditions for handling federal, public, nonprofit, or commercial funding. This pre-award process will help Lindenwood University and researchers develop a plan for compliance with these requirements.

This form is available in the menu to the right.

When will the Pre-Award Proposal Review Form need to be completed?

This form will need to be completed prior to application for any federal, state, commercial, or private funding of sponsored projects. This application does not apply to receipt of gifts or applications for scholarly activities such as fellowships, scholarships, travel grants, or related awards.

Who can I contact with questions about Research Grants, Sponsored Projects, and Contracts?

Please contact the IRB Office if you would like assistance determining the applicability of these policies or definitions to your proposed funding.

Lindenwood University
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