Estimated Cost of Attendance

Estimated Cost of Attendance


In order to issue the I-20 immigration form, we need your financial documentation proving that you are able to pay for at least one academic year of schooling.

You are only required to prove funds for one academic year.

Below are the instructions as well as the estimated expenses for attendance.

Please be sure to read each item listed thoroughly:

Please use this form if you will be requesting an I-20 form to obtain an F-1 student visa. International students must be able to prove they have enough financial funds to meet the full costs of their educational and living expenses for themselves and, if applicable, their dependents for at least the first full academic year of their studies. Please include a copy of your passport and copy of your dependents passport.

Required Documentation

  1. Affidavit of Support: Funding and documents must be current. Documents older than 6 months prior to the time of application review will not be accepted. You will need to provide the amount in accordance with the program to which you are hoping to gain admission. You must sign the form and if you are being sponsored, his or her signature will also be required.
  2. Bank Statement: A photocopy (no more than 6 months prior to the date of review) from a bank or other financial institution is acceptable. Balances must be reported on official bank letterhead or business forms and it must be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation. If you are being sponsored by a parent, spouse and/or relative, their information along with their relationship to you must be provided on the Affidavit of Support form in the sponsor section. Please do not send itemized bank statements. Be sure to limit the bank statements to one or two pages, per sponsor, with the account number(s) and amount(s). You may have more than one sponsor. Note: Bank statements must be from a checking, savings, or time deposit account. Brokerage, stock or equities funds, real estate and/or any non-liquid assets may not be included.
    • Bank statement or letter verifying the total, available, liquid funds (Savings, Checking, Fixed Deposit, or Educational Savings Plan/Loan accounts)
    • Be in US dollars
    • Be in English (or accompanied by a certified English translation)
    • Be from within the last 6 months
    • Be certified by a bank official (needs to be stamped or signed by the issuing institution)

Please Note* for the documented funds needed, you must provide equal to or more than the amount listed for your program.  See the table below for the 'Estimated Costs of Attendance'.

Dependents: For dependents (spouse and/or child(ren) ONLY) who are accompanying you, please provide a list of their names, their relationship to you, date of birth, city and country of birth, along with a copy of the passport for each dependent. If you are requesting a dependent visa for your spouse, please provide a copy of your marriage certificate in English. If you are requesting a dependent visa for a child, please provide a copy of their birth certificate in English. You are also required to provide additional funds for each additional dependent.

Instructions to Submit Your Documents

You will receive instructions on how to submit your Affidavit of Support documents from your Admissions Recruiter once you have been admitted.

Documents Needed

  • Signed Affidavit of Support
  • Certified Bank Statement or Letter
  • Dependent Passport(s) and marriage certificate or birth certificate in English, if applicable.

Example of Funding Sources

  • Personal Funds
  • Sponsor Funds
  • Scholarship/Loan

Please note* Certified bank documents are to be shown in USD. If you are unable to provide a bank statement in USD, please communicate as to why you are unable to obtain the documents in USD to your admissions counselor at time of submission.

Click on the image of the Estimate Cost of Attendance that corresponds to the program level that you are applying to, to enlarge image.

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