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Mathematics Placement Testing

What is the purpose of the Mathematics Placement Test?

The Mathematics Placement system at Lindenwood University is designed to assess students’ mathematics abilities before they enroll in their first math course. This ensures the student has the skills required for that particular course. The goal is to screen potential failure rather than predict success. The student’s major determines which test that individual will complete. The math placement test can place students in courses up to Calculus I (MTH 27100).

Who takes the Mathematics Placement Test?

The test is taken by all students admitted to Lindenwood University. Exceptions are made for students who have transferred college-level math credit that: a) completes the math requirement for their major; or b) satisfies the prerequisite for the first math course required for their major. A student could also be excused from testing if that individual achieved a score of 4 or higher on an AP Calculus test, or earned a score of at least 25 on the mathematics portion of the ACT exam.

Which Mathematics Placement Test should I take?

The specific placement test taken by each student is determined by his/her anticipated area of study, as well as that individual’s enrollment status.

Incoming Students Test Information

Current Students Test Information

Can the Mathematics Placement score be used to show proficiency in a particular math course?

No. The math placement tests are for placement purposes only. These tests will NOT be used to show proficiency. Students who wish to validate math proficiency via examination should contact the Lindenwood University Mathematics Department for more information regarding this process.

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