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Grant and Funding Resources

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Grant and Funding Search Strategies

You may have a very clear and innovative idea for a research or development project, but need funding to see these ideas come to life. The process of finding funding can be difficult, but Lindenwood University is at work in enhancing resources available to connect research and scholarship with available funding. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • The Research & Compliance Office has limited resources available to assist in specific grant or funding searches, but can help develop a strategy for a successful search in your field and review available search engines for current opportunities or notices.
  • The commonly used freely available sites for grant and funding searches are provided below.
  • During the grant writing process, think very carefully through the funding announcement and ensure your application meets each element of the notice. It is also advisable to use additional faculty members as an internal peer review process to ensure you are producing the best possible application.
  • It is always helpful to talk to past awardees from a specific federal grant or funding program. These conversations may help you better understand the program goals and craft your application to fit these aims.
  • Reach out to the program manager for a specific funding program to talk about your idea. Program managers will often have good advice for the current funding cycle and help you dial into application deadlines effectively.
  • The Research & Compliance Office is available for consultation regarding budget development and university policy and procedure for receipt of sponsored project funding.
  • Even as you are filling out your application, be aware of all phases of the grant cycle and your obligations in each of these phases (Pre-Award, Award, and Post-Award).

Navigating Federal Research Funding Environments 

If you are beginning the process of looking for grant funding, it is a good idea to spend time familiarizing yourself with the general funding environment. Trends in funding and goals for federal research funding shift and evolve over time. It is important to ensure your funding interests align with current funding program goals, whether in the state, federal, or non-profit environment.

For example, the National Science Foundation recently produced "NSF's 10 Big Ideas," which will guide funding for 2019 and beyond. Where might your scholarship or research land among these "10 Big Ideas"? This would be a crucial question, should you be seeking funding through NSF. Other federal agencies and non-profits will have similar goals to understand and follow.

Grant and Funding Application Resources

Grant and Funding Search Resources

Type Agency Search
Local Cuivre River Electric Cooperative  
Local Dana Brown Charitable Trust Link
Local St. Louis Gives - Charitable Trusts Link
Local Community Development Administration Link
State MO Contracts & Grants  
State IL Contracts & Grants  
State IL DNR Grants  
State State & Federal Contracts Link
Federal Federal Contracts Link
Federal General Funding Link
Federal NSF Link
Federal NIH Link
Federal ED Link
Federal NEH Link
Federal NEA Link
Federal EPA Link
Non-Profit Foundation Search (Candid) Link (Limited free searches)
Non-Profit GuideStar (Candid) Link
Non-Profit GrantForward Link (Free individual trial)
Non-Profit Top MO Foundations Link
Non-Profit MacArthur Foundation Link
Non-Profit Teagle Foundation Link
Non-Profit Lumina Foundation Link
Non-Profit Ford Foundation  
Non-Profit Spencer Foundation Link
Non-Profit Henry Luce Foundation Link
Non-Profit Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Link
Non-Profit Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Link
Academic Social Science Research Council Link