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Pivot - Funding and Opportunities

Pivot - Funding and Opportunities

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Pivot is available at Lindenwood University for all faculty, staff, and students. Pivot will connect you with a comprehensive, global search platform for funding and support opportunities. Pivot also offers a profile system that can connect you with opportunities, partners, and ideas for further development.

Pivot - Funding Connected

As you set up a profile in Pivot, you will find:

  • Opportunities for external financial support
  • Scholarly profiles to match your work with funding and collaborators
  • Calls for papers and presentations
  • Undergraduate research, scholarship, and travel opportunities
  • Data on past awarded federal, industry, and non-profit grants

Please take a look at the below FAQ to get started with Pivot. If you are interested in learning more about using this resource, please contact the Office for Research & Compliance (ORC) for direct assistance in grant searching, setting up automated search patterns in Pivot, and developing a strategic plan for your research, scholarship, or creative activity goals.

Getting Started With Pivot