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IP and Open Educational Resources (OER)

IP and Open Educational Resources (OER)

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What is an OER?

Lindenwood Library Services has a very helpful guide for Open Educational Resources in their Research Guides space. Open Educational Resources are generally materials that are specifically designed by their creator/s to be openly available, and are often licensed to be re-used, re-mixed, and re-distributed. An OER is not just about providing materials at low cost (though that is an important benefit of using OER), but about the ability to take what others have created, customize it for your specific educational needs, and then share your creation with others.  

It is important to note that OER come in a variety of forms, including both primary sources and learning content.

When do OER need to be disclosed as potential IP?

Open Educational Resources are quickly becoming essential tools in higher education learning environments. Lindenwood University is actively engaged in the development and use of OER. While these resources are an important space for research, innovation, and student engagement, they pose unique challenges to academic Intellectual Property policies.

Lindenwood University partners with Faculty and Staff during OER development through the initial IP Disclosure Process. The IP Disclosure Form is accessible in the menu to the right.