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Teaching Research Ethics

Teaching Research Ethics

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Lindenwood University is committed to ethics, integrity, and excellence in research involving human subjects and their data. Faculty members at Lindenwood University partner with the Research and Compliance Office to produce thoughtful and innovative resources for introducing faculty, staff, students, and IRB members to the practice of research ethics.

Narrative Resources for IRB Member Education

Please visit the sidebar for a wide range of resources for introducing IRB Members to entry level, intermediate, and advanced concepts in human subjects research ethics. This resource is curated through a joint partnership between Lindenwood University and Gianna McMillan, Bioethics Institute at Loyola Marymount University.

Classroom Resources

In the sidebar, you will find a set of pages providing a set of resources for teaching human subjects research ethics in the undergraduate and graduate classroom environment. These innovative resources provide hands-on simulations of different parts of the research ethical review process.