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Research Ethics Teaching Resources for the Classroom Environment

Research Ethics Teaching Resources for the Classroom Environment

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Lindenwood University is committed to teaching research ethics to students at all stages of their educational experience at our institution. While this education takes place through traditional human subjects research ethics training and classroom presentation, our faculty members also have several innovative practices designed to provide more hands-on simulations of the entire ethical review process. At this page you will find information about these teaching practices, along with tools and resources for making these available for your students.

What Classroom Tools are available?

  • Iterative Case Study

The Iterative Case Study is an innovative approach to using ethics case studies in the classroom environment, allowing students to experience how risks and benefits in research change under different conditions and talk through the ethics of human subjects research in a creative and conversational way.

  • Model IRB Activity

The Institutional Review Board can remain a mystery to students even after learning about IRB history and basic Belmont Report concepts in the classroom. The Model IRB Activity allows students to experience IRB review, and practice using the 45 CFR 46.111 Criteria for Approval in ethical deliberation. This resource includes Classroom Plans and Worksheets.

  • IRB Application Assignment

This series of assignments gradually introduces students to the process of completing an IRB application. The materials presented are specific to the Lindenwood University IRB application, but can be easily revised to match any institution's IRB process.

Where can I find more information?

The resources found at this website were produced by a Faculty Learning Community at Lindenwood University. These materials are available under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA). Please contact the Lindenwood University IRB Office for more details.