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Lindenwood Library Donation Policy

Donation Policy:

Library Services, Lindenwood University

Library Services at Lindenwood University, St. Charles appreciates the donation of books and other materials from faculty members within their discipline and in good condition.  Gifts received by Library Services are accepted with the understanding that the donations are unconditional, the gifts are in usable condition, and suitable for the library’s purposes.

Library Services reserves the right to use donated materials as it deems fit, taking into consideration the library’s selection policy, collection/patron needs, and building limitations.  These uses may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Retained to the main collection or special collections
  2. Donated to other libraries, institutions, or community centers
  3. Exchanged with other libraries and institutions for needed materials
  4. Recycled/disposed of if the condition is deemed unacceptable


  1. What kinds of donations are accepted?
    Library Services accepts the donations of book from faculty or other types of media from faculty or students (see the Media and Gaming Lab policy on media) members. The items donated must be within their teaching discipline and in good condition. We do not accept donations from the general public.*
  2. What happens to my donated books?
    They will be sorted, evaluated, and then dealt with one of the four ways listed above.
  3. Why didn’t you add my donation to the library’s collection, even though it was free?
    Though we truly appreciate your gift, it is not always feasible to add certain items to the library’s collection. There are several cost-associated factors that go into adding titles to the collection, including evaluation, data entry, accounting, cataloging, classification, shifting, and labeling. Additionally, shelf space in our library is limited.  The conservation of shelf space is necessary in keeping up with the acquisition of new titles, editions, and volumes of books and other library media.
  4. Once I donate a book, can I get it back?
    Once a donation is accepted, it becomes the property of Library Services. The library staff has complete discretion regarding how donated items are used.
  5. If I donate items to you, can you tell me how much my donation is worth for IRS purposes?
    By law, we cannot determine the value of a donation for IRS purposes.
  6. Can you pick up the books I want to donate?

Because our library operates with a very small staff and we do not have access to large vehicles, we are unable to pick up books.  All donated books must be brought into the library and received at the Circulation Desk.


*Exception: If a member of the public would like to donate an item that is pertinent to the preservation of the history of Lindenwood University, the donating member should contact Paul Huffman, Archivist directly at 636-949-4823 or

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