About Lindenwood Library

About Lindenwood Library


Lindenwood Library serves as an academic and cultural hub, providing a one-stop-shop for students in their research careers at Lindenwood University. We are located in the new Library and Academic Resources Center (LARC) next to First Capitol. Library materials and resources are available for students, faculty, and staff members to use. The library collection includes over 283,300 volumes, ebooks, electronic and print journals, audio-visual materials and games, as well as numerous ephemeral artifacts and archival resources. The Library is also home to the Mary E. Ambler Archives and the Media and Gaming Lab. Students, faculty, and staff have access to all eligible materials at all MOBIUS member libraries.


Unsure where to begin your research? Give the reference librarians a shout, and let us help you get started. Our online form makes it easy to setup a meeting with us. Or ask your professor to schedule an instruction for your class.

Have a project that requires multimedia work? The Media and Gaming Lab can help with your multimedia projects. Professors can also request a workshop on select areas for their classes or for one-on-one training.

Need information on local history or university history? Check out the Mary E. Ambler Archives. You can contact our University Archivist Paul Huffman to setup an appointment, or simply drop by in person.


Efforts to establish a major library begin in 1914, with its first home located in Sibley Hall. Butler Library was moved once to Roemer Hall before moving to a new building designed by notable architect LaBaume (1904 World’s Fair, Kiel Auditorium and Opera House) and Kline in 1929 in honor of Margaret Leggat Butler, the wife of Colonel James Gay Butler, a generous Lindenwood University benefactor. This was the home of the library until 2017, when a new building, the Library and Academic Resources Center, was constructed to house the library and other academic services in one location.