Media and Gaming Lab - LARC 245

Media and Gaming Lab - LARC 245

Located on the second floor of the LARC, the library’s Media and Gaming Lab offers a place for students to bring their visions into focus. The Lab is equipped with software and technology to enable students to succeed in a wide range of technological endeavors, honing skills and knowledge from their coursework into the tools of success beyond the classroom. To learn more about the Media and Gaming Lab, browse our About Us page, or check out our Software and Technology page for information on the services and offerings available in the MGL.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact our digital librarian: Chris Smentkowski.

What to Do at the Media and Gaming Lab

Tour Facility

The Media and Gaming Lab is an open facility where students, faculty, and staff at Lindenwood can come to complete a variety of media-related projects. We have a wide range of digital media software to meet your needs. Lindenwood University students and faculty can benefit from the many workspaces available and can reserve the recording studios using the online reservation form. These spaces include the main media lab, one audiovisual editing suite(located in the Archives) for individual or group media development work, an Immersive Reality and Game Hub equipped with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Oculus Rift / Quest VR stations, and the LARC theater, a completely authentic theater space designed to enhance video production projects and a unique location for special events on campus.

Check Out Media Equipment

We offer a wide range of equipment for checkout, including SD Card Readers, gaming headsets, Zoom audio recorder, Wacom drawing tablets, GoPro and 360 cameras, and even a Light Scribe pen. Stay up-to-date on our reservation and checkout policy to ensure you are eligible to check out equipment.

Learn New Software

Do you want to incorporate digital interactive elements or to work on a multimedia-based assignment? Or are you just looking to learn the fundamentals of digital media? Check out our Workshop Portfolio page to see if we already have a workshop available that meets your needs. Alternatively, you can email Chris Smentkowski to inquire about workshops outside the areas we already offer.

Find CC Resources

We adhere to a strict copyright policy. Being aware of this policy is important not just for the work done in our facility but also for your professional development. A variety of resource options are available for students and faculty to explore while developing their own content, including open educational resources (OER) and creative commons media (CC).