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Immersive Arts and Culture Hub

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Picture a future where students, faculty, and community members can innovate together, a space with cutting-edge and accessible interactive technology, including Augmented Reality (AR), Extended Reality (XR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Virtuality (AV), and Mixed Reality (MxR). The Immersive Arts and Culture Hub in Lindenwood University’s College of Arts and Humanities is that space—and the future is now.

Immersive Arts and Culture Hub

In fact, our Hub has the first comprehensive educational XR Lab in the region in which we provide the most engaging and immersive educational experience possible, as well as prepare students for the future of work.

Our Hub supports a wide range of creative and scholarly projects from the creation of original content though 360-degree virtual reality to virtual museums and gallery exhibitions powered by game engine technology. Be immersed in the virtual reality of the pyramids in Egypt, the Globe Theatre in London, the Cathedral at Notre Dame. Learn to build digital twins in the metaverse with 360-mapping technology.

The Hub includes the Digital Humanities Lab, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab, MakerSpace, and XR and Gaming Lab. With these resources, students and faculty can complete complex data visualization studies and create original applications for use on various platforms, including Oculus headsets and smartphones for educational and informational purposes across a range of disciplines.

Beyond Arts and Humanities, the College of Science, Technology, and Health uses VRPatients in the Paramedicine program, allowing for virtual simulation scenarios. The College of Education and Human Services’ Center for Innovation & Insight is moving conferences into the metaverse. The Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship is also integrating VR in their coursework. The Hub’s multi- and interdisciplinary training resources and expansive immersive realities database bring the future into focus now.

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