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Media, Communications,
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Media, Communications,
and Cinema

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The Department of Media, Communications, and Cinema at Lindenwood University will provide you the opportunity to communicate your story, your brand, or your vision to the world. Our programs are dedicated to real-world, hands-on experiences - behind the camera on a film set, developing the social media strategy for a local business, or recording your own podcast. In your time with us, you'll develop the tools to express yourself and your vision, paving the way to success in a wide variety of fields.

Mass Communications (BA & Minors)

The world of communications is constantly changing, but Lindenwood’s BA in Mass Communications program will give you the tools to be successful no matter what field you enter upon graduation. You'll start with a strong foundation in the basics of communications and then gain practical experience creating your own content. Across our four distinct emphases (Broadcast, Journalism, Media Arts and Production, and Media Management and Sales), you could be broadcasting from the studio of our campus radio station, reading the news on-air in our state-of-the-art television studio, putting the finishing touches on a story for our student-run online newspaper, or formulating a communications plan for a local company. We pull back the curtain on what makes mass communications tick so you can control your own destiny in this modern, inter-connected world.

Cinema Arts (BA, BFA, MFA & Minor)

Storytelling is at the heart of everything around us and Cinema Arts will give you the tools to tell your unique story. We put the latest technology in your hands from day one and encourage you to develop your own narrative. Both the BA and BFA in Cinema Arts gives you the chance to make your own films and documentaries while honing the craft skills that will help you carve out your own path in today's media landscape. Whether you want to be a director, cinematographer, writer, or editor, you'll graduate with both a deep understanding of what makes stories work on-screen as well as a creative portfolio to help get your foot in the door.  Building on these strengths is our MFA in Cinema and Media Arts. If you have a background in media production or you’re looking to chart a new career path, this terminal graduate degree program will help you achieve your most challenging professional goals.

Digital Marketing (BS, MS & Minor)

Social media has invaded every aspect of modern life and mastering the skills it takes to make the most of it will put you at the forefront of the digital marketing industry. Our real-world BS in Digital Marketing curriculum, available both online and hybrid, will give you valuable experience in creating, analyzing, and optimizing social media content and campaigns. Not only will you be able to analyze audiences and crunch the numbers to formulate social media strategies for real companies, but you'll also learn how to develop your own brand and project it to the world. Our MS in Digital Marketing, which can be earned in one year with our Fast Track option, offers professionals the opportunity to add a cutting edge skillset to whatever field they’re a part of.

The world of media is all about crafting a narrative and the Department of Media, Communications, and Cinema at Lindenwood University will give you all the tools you need to shape your own educational and professional narrative.