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Global Fluency Certificate

Global Fluency Certificate

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Explore the world without borders!

Undergraduate Certificate offered in On-campus formats.

Globalization has expanded the possibilities to communicate, organize and collaborate across cultural lines. The ability to maximize these possibilities is one of the most powerful skill sets sought by businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations.

Earning the Global Fluency Certificate is a great way to:

  • Practice and improve your intercultural skills.
  • Enhance your understanding and appreciation of global diversity.

  • Strengthen your ability to live, work, and learn internationally.

This certificate prepares you for a constantly-evolving environment, and wherever you roam, the skills you improve while earning it will continue to be in high demand.

Add the Global Fluency Certificate to any major to signal your cultural skills to future employers or graduate programs. It requires 15 credit hours and includes course topics, such as international marketing, international managements, international relations theory, and more. Many of the available courses also fulfill Lindenwood's General Education requirements.