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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate offered in Traditional formats

Map Your Future!

  • Add the GIS Certificate to your major to join one of the most rapidly growing fields in today’s economy—both locally and around the world.
  • Use up-to-date, cutting-edge GIS industry software and data subscriptions.
  • Explore hands-on experiences through our GIS Lab by using drones and GPS equipment to collect, analyze, and interpret spatial data.
  • Stand out from the crowd for future employers, graduate schools, or professional programs.

GIS is data visualization software that captures and communicates spatial and geographic information by creating interactive maps, apps, and dashboards. GIS specialists help inform private and public industries, as well as educational institutions, using data-driven analysis. Whether completing a sidewalk survey of housing, analyzing demographics around food bank locations, tracking migration patterns, or monitoring disease outbreaks, GIS experts work to create explanatory and exploratory location-based deliverables to visually represent complex information.

In the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate, you will work to develop the skills needed to successfully apply data visualization software in a variety of professions, including urban planning, health sciences, data analysis, environmental sciences, business, and many others. A certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) requires 15-16 credit hours.

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