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The Human Culture and Society department provides personalized high-quality academic and real-world experiences empowering you to develop highly valued power skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, effective communication, and empathy. The ability to be flexible, agile, and adapt to changes prepares you for every future.

All Human Culture and Society programs develop the skills that employers want in their 21st century workforce. Our courses provide the opportunity to hone your ability to work with diverse teams, think critically, innovate, and communicate logically and engagingly. The Department of Human Culture and Society offer a variety of courses of study allowing you to accumulate the credentials to document your skills and ability.

  • Though personalized mentorship and rigorous course work the History program prepares graduates to apply historical perspective and research to modern challenges.
  • The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate helps students use data visualization software to capture and communicate spatial and demographic information spurring innovative solutions to society's challenges.
  • The Global Fluency Certificate allows any Lindenwood student to expand their ability to communicate, organize, and collaborate across cultural lines.
  • In the Philosophy and Religion program, your study of the world's major intellectual traditions will empower you to creatively resolve the ethical challenges presented by advancements in science, technology, and medicine.
  • The Political Science program examines governmental institutions, public policy, and the political processes you need to understand as you embark on your quest to change the world.
  • The Masters of Public Administration program helps you rise to the next level of leadership. Our graduates are working in local, state, and federal government, international agencies, policy think tanks, and nonprofit organizations to make our communities better places to live and work. This program is also offered online.

Start writing you own story with a degree from the Human Culture and Society department.