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Music Business and Entrepreneurship (BA)

Music Business and Entrepreneurship (BA)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus formats.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business and Entrepreneurship

A Bachelor of Arts in music business and entrepreneurship requires 99 credit hours. While your course of study will not be emphasized by performance, you will still have the opportunity to perform in addition to learning about marketing, production, and artist and concert management. Accounting and entrepreneurship are also areas in which you will learn, plus much more.

The Lindenwood University B.A. in music business and entrepreneurship program is unique because it provides the hands-on approach and experience that students need today and more importantly is expected by future employers. This amazing opportunity within the music industry. Many different career paths can come from taking this new major, such as becoming a publishing director, copyright administrator, music sales representative, music agent, artist manager producer, live sound engineer, and many more.