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St. Charles, Mo. / St. Louis, Mo.
Master’s in Game Design

St. Charles, Mo. / St. Louis, Mo.
Master’s in Game Design

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Craft Worlds, Create Legends: Elevate Your Game!

Master of Arts (MA) offered in On-campus, Online, and Hybrid formats.

St. Charles / St. Louis / Online
Master’s in Game Design

HLC Accredited

HLC Accredited

GRE Requirement Waived


Online, On-campus, or Hybrid

or Hybrid

New Esports Arena


A New Level of Game Design Mastery

Online Master’s in Game DesignWelcome to Lindenwood University’s Master of Arts in Game Design, a degree program that blends high-level game design and production courses with immersive, real-world applications. Here, we don’t just teach game design; we propel you into the future of the gaming industry.

"As a simulation software engineer transitioning into game dev, the Game Design Master's program at Lindenwood offered a great path to do a deep dive into aspects of game dev I'm really passionate about, while also improving my research skills. The program faculty were always there to help throughout the journey and it was flexible, yet still focused enough that I discovered a passion for the intersection of game AI & technical animation along the way."

- Danrae Pray

Is the MA in Game Design at Lindenwood University Right for You?

This St. Louis MA in Game Design degree program is tailored for those who are ready to elevate their skills in game development and design. Whether you’re looking to advance in your current career or pivot to a new role in the gaming industry, this program is designed to enhance your expertise in key areas of game design, including aesthetics, immersion, level design, and usability.

A Curriculum That Prepares You for the Industry

The Lindenwood Master in Game Design offers a comprehensive and flexible 30-credit-hour program. Choose from our on-campus, online, or hybrid learning options to suit your lifestyle. With the possibility to graduate in as little as 15-18 months, our program offers a fast-track option for those eager to make their mark in the gaming world quickly.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Advanced Game Design and Production: Dive into hands-on courses that take you from concept to creation, from the foundations of game design to the latest in 3D animation and game development.
  • Hands-On Training with Cutting-Edge Tech: Engage with immersive reality technologies, integrating art and virtual reality, to create fully immersive game experiences gaining marketable Skills in XR/AR/VR, AI, Unity, Unreal, and More.
  • Industry-Connected Faculty: Learn from industry veterans and mentors who bridge theory with real-world practice, preparing you for a dynamic career in game creation.
  • Project-Based Learning: Engage in a curriculum where Bottom-Up and Top-Down Design Foundational project and portfolio courses are threaded throughout.
  • 30 Credit Hour Program
  • Customizable Degrees
  • New Esports Arena!
  • Affordable Tuition

State-of-the-Art Resources and Expert Faculty

Student game: Aeon by Luke Hoffman

“My journey at Lindenwood University has been nothing short of transformative. While the courses at Lindenwood were excellent, it's the unparalleled research potential that stands out for me. The university provided me with a platform to explore and contribute to cutting-edge projects, making my academic journey both intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding.” Charles O’Brien

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology and learn from industry experts with real-world experience and contacts. Our program includes access to a new Esports arena and immersive reality technologies, ensuring you are well-versed in the latest industry tools and practices.

Thrive in a Game Studio Environment

Our MA in Game Design program at Lindenwood University is designed to prepare you for a successful career in a game studio environment. With the skills and knowledge you gain here, you will be ready to take on roles in game design and development, enhancing your career prospects and industry impact.

Ready to Play a Role in Gaming Innovation?

Join us at Lindenwood University and transform your passion for gaming into a career. Apply now for our Master of Arts in Game Design program and start your journey towards becoming a leader in game design innovation.

Completion Options

girl playing computer game

Non-Thesis/Applied Project Option

The applied project allows students with a professional focus to apply the theories and research methods of their field in a professional setting or in a final product or series of products. Projects may take different forms, but all students produce some form of material on behalf of an organization or field of practice. Students pursuing the non-thesis/applied project option document their progress and product for final review by their thesis committee. See the chair of the program for more information.

Thesis Option

The thesis involves the creation of an original piece of scholarship relevant to the field of study that investigates an aspect of that field, professional area or organization. Students evaluate the state of the field in existing research on their topic area and then develop a research question to investigate. Over the course of the program, students investigate their topic and refine their thesis, which is written the final two semesters and reviewed by their thesis committee. See the chair of the program for more information.

Lindenwood University Vital Stats

27% Higher Income

27% Higher Income

Our graduates have a 27% higher income than the national median 10 years after enrolling. Source: US Department of Education's College Scorecard/ Department of Treasury 2018.

96.7% Success Rate

96.7% Success Rate

Investing in a Lindenwood education sets you up for success. 96.7% of Lindenwood graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate programs within 6 months of graduation.

12K Tuition Savings

12K Tuition Savings

The investment to attend Lindenwood is $12,000 less expensive than the average cost of tuition at other private institutions within 200 miles.

Most Affordable

Most Affordable

Lindenwood's tuition is the most affordable for private schools in the area.

88% Scholarships

88% Scholarships

Lindenwood offers a wide range of scholarships to support student success. 88% of Lindenwood undergraduates receive scholarships. Source: The National Center for Educational Statistics.

HLC Accreditation

HLC Accreditation

Lindenwood University has been continuously accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1921.