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Spanish Certificate

Spanish Certificate

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Translate Your Future!

Undergraduate Certificate offered in On-campus formats.

You've never studied Spanish? No problem! The Spanish Certificate will help you learn the skills needed to successfully communicate at the Intermediate-Advanced level. All courses focus on developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills along with cultural awareness and sensitivity. Completing the certificate can also help you satisfy up to four of Lindenwood's General Education requirements. The certificate requires 15 credit hours.

  • Join 500 million speakers of Spanish worldwide.
  • Choose from hands-on experiences, such as internships with multicultural organizations or study abroad programs.
  • Explore numerous career paths, including translating in legal professions, government service, political campaigns, or non-profit organizations and businesses.
  • Develop flexible and innovative thinking that is of utmost importance in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape.
  • Enhance life-long skills, such as effective writing, critical thinking, and problem solving.