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First-Year Writing

First-Year Writing

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First-Year Writing at Lindenwood University is a sequence of related writing-intensive courses designed to introduce you to writing at the college level. You complete these courses during your first year at Lindenwood to create a solid foundation for strong writing skills—skills necessary in all other college courses and essential to future success in any career.


Domestic Students

Placement in either ENGL 11000 or ENGL 15000 is based on high school GPA and/or ACT scores as determined during initial enrollment. After initial placement, students may, in conversation with their advisors, self-place into either ENGL 11000 or ENGL 15000.

International Students

Placement is based on English Placement Test scores completed during orientation week. In addition to EPP 11000 or EPP 15000, students may place into EPP 10500 or EPP 10600 along with EPP 10000EPP 10100, and EPP 12500. After initial placements and in-class writing assessments, students may request an English placement review by contacting the EPP coordinator, Tracy Flicek.

First-Year Composition Sequence

ENGL 11000: Effective Writing -This course prepares students for ENGL 15000. A variety of approaches, including writing prompts, journals, essays, peer/instructor review, and sentence diagramming will be employed to focus on strengthening competence and confidence in writing ability. Smaller sessions will facilitate intensive individual attention to foster writing strengths while addressing areas for improvement in sentence-level writing competency, drafting process, basic essay format, and good writing habits. In order to advance to ENGL 15000, students must earn a C or above in ENGL 11000 or EPP 11000.

EPP 11000: Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers - This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are not yet prepared to enter ENGL 15000 Composition I or EPP 15000 Composition I for Non-Native Speakers. This course will focus on developing clear and comprehensible prose in academic writing assignments. A grade of C is required for advancing from this course. If the student fails to achieve a C, he or she will have to retake the course the next semester. 

ENGL 15000: Composition I - Students will learn to write in a variety of modes such as description, analysis, exemplification, comparison, and reflection. Students will navigate various rhetorical situations in order to gain extensive practice in the writing process. Students must earn a C or better in ENGL 15000 or EPP 15000 to advance to ENGL 17000.

EPP 15000: Composition I Non-Native Speakers - This course follows the same general guidelines as other sections of Composition I, using the same texts and requiring the same amount of academic writing. However, the class will be designed to meet the needs and concerns of non-native English speakers. This course fulfills the ENGL 15000 Composition I GE requirement and is equivalent to ENGL 15000.

ENGL 17000 Composition II - Students will learn to conduct, track, and cite research; analyze persuasive writing; and compose research-based, academic arguments. The course prepares students for the rigors of academic writing in various disciplines. Students must earn a C or better in ENGL 17000 to graduate.

Graduation Requirements

Both ENGL 15000/EPP 15000 and ENGL 17000 (or their equivalents as determined by Lindenwood's Office of Academic Services) are required for graduation.