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Game Design (BA) with emphasis in Game Art

Game Design (BA) with emphasis in Game Art

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus, and Online formats.

The Game Design (BA) with emphasis in Game Art requires 54 credit hours for completion. Including required game art courses such as drawing, concept design, classical myth, and 3D animation.

Required Equipment

This program has immersive reality technologies integrated throughout the curriculum and requires use of a virtual reality headset identified by the department and associated applications. Immersive realities, such as virtual reality, provide a fully immersive educational experience that leads to greater engagement and understanding of subjects covered in classes. Students are not only able to engage with the material, other students, and their instructor; they also can better understand the context of those relationships while immersed in the virtual environment. These experiences support the learning outcomes for the program and prepare students for use of these technologies in their professions.