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American Studies Minor

American Studies Minor

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“The truth does not change depending on our ability to stomach it” – Flannery O’Connor

Minor offered in On-campus and Online formats.

Earning a Minor in American Studies at Lindenwood University

American Studies is a multidisciplinary approach to the many shifting cultural issues within the idea of “America.” What is contained within the idea of America? Who is contained within it? Who is left out? How have the various struggles to define America changed over time and in relation to larger uncertainties surrounding nation, empire, citizenship, race, and sexuality (to name but a few concerns)? As you complete the minor in American Studies, you will address such questions by incorporating the different methodologies of literature, history, religion, anthropology, criminal justice, sociology, political science, cultural studies, and gender studies.

Lindenwood University offers a minor in American Studies which requires 18 credit hours of coursework.