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Communications (BA)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus and Online formats.

Mass communication is constantly changing. New technology, new methods of communicating, new styles, and new trends make up the world of mass communications. Lindenwood University will provide you with the background and theories of mass communication along with up-to-date knowledge needed to succeed now and in the future.

The Lindenwood University Mass Communications program is not only classroom learning but also experiential learning. You will have hands-on experience in the field or in the studio, having the chance to apply your classroom knowledge in an environment that is made for on-the-job training. You will learn basic skills expected of mass communication professionals, like creating and maintaining web pages; shooting, editing, and uploading video; basic reporting; and how to write professionally for electronic media. The Lindenwood Mass Communications program will also provide you with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to help you make professional and ethical decisions in the professional world.

Lindenwood University Mass Communications Faculty

Our Communications faculty brings years of professional experience into the classroom, adding real-world expertise to hands-on instruction. Your professors will challenge you to explore the world of communication by looking beyond the headlines to discover the truth. They will encourage you to seek out first-hand knowledge and experience that will lead to further questions, insight, and inquiry. What makes us unique is that your professors with be with you in the control room, behind the mic, or helping with website layout to make sure the important concepts are clear, and you're prepared with real-world experience to succeed in your future.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at Lindenwood University

Every mass communications student at Lindenwood University is required to take core courses, which make up 36 credit hours of your Bachelor of Arts degree. These courses will teach you the basics of the mass communications field. You will learn reporting, radio production, video production, writing for electronic media, mass communication law and theory, ethics, and more. Once you have mastered these skills, which are critical to your success, other courses are incorporated, including: broadcast, media management and sales, and sports information.