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Fashion Alumni Testimonials

Fashion Alumni Testimonials

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Aleah Rosenau (2018), BFA Fashion Design / Lily Pulitzer, Designer

Aleah RosenauWhat goals did you set for yourself after graduation?

"My main goals were to really perfect my portfolio, find a job in designing contemporary women’s wear, and to make industry connections. Knowing that there were more job opportunities on either the east or west coast, I also made it a goal to move where I was more likely to find a job and also get my masters!"

How did Lindenwood University help prepare you to reach the goals you set for yourself?

"The curriculum at Lindenwood was huge in preparation for me and my goals. I think the many, many projects and critiques prepared me to sell myself and adequately express concepts and my ideas. The encouragement from my professors to double major, to push myself to design outside of the box, and the teachings of new technologies, skills, and techniques were also great in preparation."

How can you be involved with the success of current and future Lindenwood University Fashion students?

"Although I’m not near campus any longer, I still love seeing what’s new and going on with the program, and of course, what fabulous things current students are creating! As I gain my own experiences I’d be more than willing to share and help/advise others with their design journeys in any way I can!"