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Life as a Philosophy & Religion Student

Life as a Philosophy & Religion Student

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What do our current students and alumni have to say about their experience as a Philosophy & Religion student?

Jasmin Lober, B.A. Philosophy

The Philosophy & Religion Program offers opportunities outside of the classroom to enhance your analytical and evaluative skills.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a bi-weekly discussion group where students discuss philosophical matters with both faculty and peers in an informal non-classroom setting.  Subject matter in previous semesters has included brief readings and corresponding discussions about wisdom, beauty, friendship, personal and political identity, possible worlds, the existence of God, and the mind-body relation.  Non-philosophy students and professors are welcome, so our discussions seek diverse participants with diverse commitments!  For more information, contact Dr. Joseph Steineger at

Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau is the International Honor Society in Philosophy.  Founded in 1930 and incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1955, the Society now has a network of over 200 chapters throughout the United States and Canada, at both public and private institutions of higher learning. The purpose of Phi Sigma Tau is to encourage interest and activity among students and to promote ties between philosophy departments in accredited institutions.  Undergraduate students are eligible for active membership if they have completed three semesters of the college course, rank in the upper thirty-five percent of their class, and have completed at least two semester courses in philosophy with an average 3.5 GPA or higher in those courses.  For more information, contact Dr. Joseph Steineger at

Theta Alpha Kappa 

Theta Alpha Kappa is the National Honor Society in Religion and Theology.  It is the only national honor society serving the needs of those involved in the study of religion and/or theology at both the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels of higher education.  Honoring excellence in these academic fields is its primary purpose, and it currently hosts over 140 local chapters throughout the United States at institutions both large and small, public and private.  Candidates for admission to Theta Alpha Kappa must have an overall GPA of at least 3.0, at least 12 credit hours in Religious Studies (including GE courses) and at least a 3.5 GPA in those classes.  For more information, contact Rev. Dr. Nichole Torbitzky at

Dr. Donna Card Charron Philosophy Award Winners

This award is given to the student who shows academic excellence in philosophy and a concern for what Dr. Charron called philosophy’s role as “reason in the world.”  Dr. Charron was professor of philosophy at Lindenwood from 1989-2005.  During that time she laid the foundation for the Philosophy Program, helped found the Honors Program and Honors Academy, and tirelessly promoted the classical tradition of liberal learning and culture.

  • 2023: Caleb Meriweather
  • 2022: Maxwell Kerner
  • 2021: Martina Kohatsu
  • 2020: Bailey D. Hays
  • 2019: Evan Collins, Jasmin Lober
  • 2018: Iiris Virta
  • 2017: Stephen Hawkes
  • 2016: Tanner Cook
  • 2015: Jesse Coffey
  • 2014: Jacob Krato
  • 2013: David C. Good
  • 2012: Rachel Ayres
  • 2011: Emily Platt
  • 2010: Jonathan Nevins

Harmon Religion Award Winners

This award recognizes academic excellence in the study of religion.  The award is named after Rev. Dr. Lloyd B. Harmon, father of Lindenwood University board chairman Raymond Harmon, and Professor Emeritus Jeanne Harmon Huesemann. Dr. Harmon was a longtime chaplain and professor of religion at Lindenwood.

  • 2023: Carter Morris
  • 2022: Julia Hundley
  • 2021: Christine Bryant
  • 2020: Samm Crocker
  • 2019: Kaityln Centini
  • 2018: Julia Waernerup
  • 2017: Lauren Baker
  • 2016:  Rachel Henry
  • 2015: Chase Stewart
  • 2014: Kayla Piers
  • 2013: Grace Turney
  • 2012: Jaime Jenkins
  • 2011: Kimberley Finoch
  • 2010: Jamie Jenkins