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Jorge at the Ulysses S. Grant National Historical Memorial

"Never in my lifetime, would I have thought to have had the opportunity to intern at a National Historic Site across the nation from my home. The interactions with both visitors and Park employees alike made it easy to lose track of time."

Kristin at the St. Charles County Historical Society

"Before this internship I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. There are many occupations for history majors that interest me, but now that I have worked in the archives, I know I can see myself working in that kind of atmosphere."

Brayden at the Missouri History Museum

"Ultimately, this was an incredible experience and I have remorse that I was only able to be of assistance for a summer. I have developed incredible skills that will be useful going forward and make my life as a historian more fruitful."

Keegan at the St. Louis County Parks

"My research skills have been improved astronomically. Large projects will no longer be intimidating, as I am confident that I have the capabilities of a true historian after my summer’s experience."

Jacob at the National Archives

"It was an experience that has opened up possibilities career-wise for my future that I hadn’t considered before. I was able to work with some incredible people who I now consider friends."