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Dance Auditions

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We are excited to hear of your interest in our dance program! Each year, we welcome an eclectic group of aspiring artists who have goals of performing, teaching, and choreographing. It is highly recommended that prospective students apply to the university before auditioning for the dance program.

An audition is required for Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates. Students take two technique classes chosen from either ballet, contemporary, jazz, or tap, share a one-minute solo in a genre of dance of their choice, and complete an interview with dance faculty. Depending on scheduling, prospective students should expect the audition to take 2-3 hours, on a weekday, to complete.

Bachelor of Arts candidates are also encouraged to audition (not required).

It is the Dance Program's preference that students audition as early in the season as possible. These classes and experiences speaking with faculty allow us to place prospective students in appropriate levels of technique classes for their first semester and determine eligibility for our selective Fine and Performing Arts grants.

Submitting the Student Information below (at least two weeks prior to the desired audition date) will automatically initiate a conversation about scheduling your audition day. If you have any additional questions about our degree offerings, please contact Tricia Zweier.

Tricia Zweier, Dance Program Coordinator
(636) 949-4547


Student Information

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Please attach the following:

1) Resume
2) Headshot
3) One Letter of Recommendation
4) Statement of Purpose: 200-250 word double-spaced typewritten statement of purpose. This statement should include the applicant's reason for wanting to earn a degree in dance, current range of career goals, and general comments upon the value of dance training to the individual.

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