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Dr. Donald Heidenreich

Don HeidenreichDon Heidenreich earned his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is a political historian whose interests focus on the US Constitution, the American political system, and the early American republic. Dr. Heidenreich teaches courses in the Political Science and International Relations and History programs. He is also a retired National Guard officer who served as an Intelligence officer, an Artillery officer, and an Army historian. He was deployed by the Army as a historian from 1998-1999. He has written pieces for numerous publications on constitutional, political, and military matters including chapters for Defining Documents in American History: Civil War (1860-1865), The Routledge Handbook of American Military and Diplomatic History: The Colonial Period to 1877 and The Powers of the U.S. Congress: Where Constitutional Authority Begins and Ends.

Dr. Barbara Hosto-Marti

Barbara Hosto-Marti

Barbara Hosto-Marti received a Ph.D. in Political Science form University of Missouri – St. Louis, an MPA from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and a BA from Illinois College. Dr. Hosto-Marti’s research interests focus on examining the interactions between civil society and public policy on both the national and global stages. This interest stems from her 20 plus years working as a nonprofit professional.  Her current project explores how public perceptions of advocacy by nonprofits affect people’s willingness to contribute to or volunteer for nonprofit organizations. In the classroom, she is committed to preparing students to be informed and engaged participants of the political process.  

Dr. Jeanie Thies

Jeanie ThiesJeanie Thies holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, with an emphasis on crime control policy analysis. She also has a master’s degree in Psychology from University of Missouri-St. Louis, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of criminal justice, including work as a prison psychologist and a program administrator for Missouri's Department of Corrections, and in the areas of training, policy development, and program evaluation for national, state, and local agencies. She has published articles and conducted trainings on topics, such as sex offenders, corrections programming, high-risk youth, treatment courts, and family violence. She is currently a member of the Missouri State Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board, and the St. Louis chapter of the Midwestern Innocence Project.

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