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Media and Gaming Lab Policies

All checkouts or computer use in the Media and Gaming Lab require a valid Lindenwood I.D.

Copyright Law: It is the policy of the Media and Gaming Lab to abide by the United States copyright law and regulations. Services will be refused to those students who make requests which conflict with current copyright law.

Faculty VHS to DVD Conversion: Under copyright law, there is no  automatic right to reformat a work from one format to another unless permission has been granted or fair use applies. The Lindenwood University Library's first choice is to obtain media in a licensed format, and we do this whenever possible. Faculty requiring conversion of a VHS to DVD for classroom use should keep Fair Use in mind when making the request. Fair use permits the limited use of copyrighted material without having to obtain a license or permission from the rights holder. For more information about Fair Use, see our Fair Use guide. (Also, see the Copyright Policies at Lindenwood University).

DVD/Blu-ray Checkout:  DVD/Blu-rays checkout for two weeks and may be renewed up to two times on-line via your library account. If you are faculty requiring a movie for a course, you may contact Michael Fetters or Lisa Young for placing the item on reserve for your students. (For a complete list of library loan policies, see the Library Loan Policies page. 

Game Checkout: Video games check out for 1 day, board/card games for three days, and may be renewed twice. The Oculus Rift VR Headset and game controllers are three hour, in lab use only checkouts. Game Controllers check-out for three hours and after that, they automatically become late and accrue fines. 

No Personal Gaming Accounts: Please do not add personal on- or offline accounts to any of our consoles. Any unauthorized profiles added are subject to being deleted and will not be recovered. Similarly, please do not add friends to any of our consoles.

Saved Games and Games Settings: Please ask a librarian or staff member before overwriting saved games, and don't play a saved game that is not yours. If you adjust game settings while playing, please reset them before you leave to the way they were when you arrived. Saved Games will be deleted at the end of each semester. If you would like to keep your saved game for use later, please copy your saved games to your own USB flash drive or HDD drive. If you need help with this, please speak to the staff in the Media and Gaming Lab.

Renewing On-line: To renew items on-line, log into your library account. Use your name as your username and your Lindenwood I.D. number plus the campus code (LU) as your password.

Technical Problems: If you experience any technical problems with the equipment, please alert a staff member to assist you. Do not attempt to rearrange cords and consoles yourself.

Handle Equipment with Care: Please handle games and equipment with respect, refraining from button-mashing, dropping/tossing controllers, or intentionally engaging in behavior that may damage the games or equipment. Also, please handle game disks and movie disks only at the edges, and do not disturb consoles that are in use in order to prevent scratching discs as they are being played. The library reserves the right to charge patrons directly responsible for damaging our materials with replacement fees.

Food, Drink, and Other Belongings: No food is allowed in the Media and Gaming Lab. Drinks are permitted in a securely-sealed container. Please take all trash and belongings with you when leaving the Media and Gaming Lab. Any belongings left in the Media and Gaming Lab will be placed in the Lost & Found at the Media and Gaming Lab Circulation desk or the Library Circulation desk located on the main floor.

Use the Media and Gaming Lab Courteously: Please be courteous to others while using the Media and Gaming Lab. Refrain from excessive profanity and noise levels, disturbing other users while they are playing, or trying to rush someone into vacating a gaming station before their time limit is up. Users who demonstrate repeated problem behavior will be asked to leave.

Special Events: The Gaming Lab may be reserved, in whole or in part, by student groups for occasions such as tournaments or social events at our discretion. They are usually limited to 3 hours per reservation, and may be reserved up to once per semester by emailing us at


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